Nudie Patootie Sparkle Viva Limited Edition Kiss Lock Handbag

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Made for our ladies at Viva, our limited edition beautiful oversized kiss locks are the perfect companion no matter what time of year.

Featuring our tuck and roll stitching, our detachable champagne cup baubles, Lux de Ville logo plate, and silver round feet on the bottom. Each purse comes with a Vegas 2021 tag.

Inside has our custom black on black leopard lining and an inside zipper closure pocket for extra stash space. Enjoy.

*Please note these do not come with a cross body strap

 D: Dimensions 9H by 15L by 7W

Strap Drop 10


Customer Reviews

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"That's A Grown Woman's Purse"

Call her my Job Interview Bag... My usual Lux purchase is the larger version of a little girl's Easter Purse: A shiny, sparkly, oversized confection that draws lots of adoring, admiring fans. However, sometimes you need to hide some of your crazy. You can't give them EVERYTHING upon first meeting. I'll pull her out for a more serious tone. She's got some experience & a dog in this fight but it's her mystery that leaves you wanting more. She commands the room with her Neutral Nude, Big City Shape & the Owners' Knitted Eyebrow with Wink. You don't know who she is or where she came from & before you know it, she's gone. And all that's left is the lovely sound of clinking-to-success of the 2 glass bauble...

catina wiebe
I am obsessed

I'm obsessed! I first saw these handbags at a car show in Tulsa where I was in a pinup pageant. I had to get them what happened though it turned out was the bags had slashes through the labels and I didn't understand why that was so I talked to a friend of mine and she told me about Thr website so I went to the website and I saw the handbags there and decided that from now on I would buy my handbags from the website. Once I got my first LuxDeville bag I became obsessed I absolutely love these bags and I plan to get more.